Why earwax doesn’t worry your Starkey hearing aids

Why earwax doesn’t worry your Starkey hearing aids

Hearing aids are constantly exposed to moisture, wax and other foreign materials. As with any high-tech device, exposure to these harsh environments can understandably degrade and eventually interfere with proper functionality. These issues may be accelerated for hearing aid wearers with more active lifestyles.

That’s why almost all hearing aids now feature technology that repels moisture — delaying or avoiding its detrimental effects. This technology is called a “nanocoating.”

Starkey’s nano-coating is modeled after nature

Starkey Hearing Technologies has engineered an invisible, proprietary nanocoating called Surface Nanoshield. Derived from the lotus plant, which rolls water droplets carrying dirt off its leaves, Surface Nanoshield modifies the surface’s interaction with moisture, sweat, earwax, oils and other fluids, helping to prevent these substances from sticking to or penetrating the hearing aid.

Why is this important? While not the most glamorous subject to talk about, your ears are host to numerous fluids such as wax, sweat, dirt and even water, depending on the weather. Having our nano-coating on your hearing aids is vital to the life of these important devices.

Of course, direct contact with fluids is never recommended for hearing aids — do not shower or swim with your hearing aids. But some contact is unavoidable. Summer months and time spent at the gym may cause your body to sweat. Surface Nanoshield is both hydrophobic (water resistant) and oleophobic (oil repellent), which means it protects your hearing aids from water, sweat, and wax seeping into the device.

Rigorously tested for lasting durability

At Starkey, we test Surface Nanoshield using a salt fog test, which is widely used in the consumer electronics industry. Hearing aids with Surface Nanoshield are placed in a salt fog environment for 48 hours at a temperature of 95 degrees Fahrenheit to simulate how they may perform long-term in a humid and sweaty environment. This is followed by 48 hours of drying time. Surface Nanoshield consistently withstands this aggressive test, ensuring it will deliver the protection and reliability you need.

Hear Clear earwax protection system

In addition to Surface Nanoshield, Starkey hearing aids feature an innovative earwax protection system called Hear Clear. Hear Clear uses disposable wax guards that prevent earwax accumulation in the hearing aid receiver. To see it in action, watch this short Hear Clear Removal and Replacement video.

While proper maintenance and cleaning are important to the longevity of your hearing aids, you can feel confident knowing that every Starkey hearing aid comes with the protective technology needed to keep you hearing better all day, every day.

Source: https://www.starkey.com/blog/2018/04/Sweat-and-wax-durable-hearing-aids