Hearing Loss and Other Conditions

What is hearing loss, after all?

Hearing loss is the deterioration of the capacity to perceive sound. Although it is more common among the elderly, it can actually happen to anyone, regardless of age – even from birth.

Particularly in our times, the percentage of patients with hearing impairment is increasing due to modern lifestyle, and it is estimated that over half a billion people worldwide suffer some form of hearing loss that requires treatment.

Hearing loss is divided into three categories, depending on the way it is caused: congenital, hereditary or acquired (following an accident/ trauma), while it has three forms: conductive, sensorineural or mixed.

Common symptoms that patients report:

  • They often ask their interlocutor to repeat words or misinterpret what he says.
  • They receive complains about setting the volume of the TV too high.
  • They no longer hear common, everyday-life sounds, like the doorbell.
  • They are told that they speak too loud.
  • They do not understand clearly the words in a sentence, so their communication is impaired
  • They find it difficult to communicate over the phone.
  • They find it difficult to communicate when in a group of more than two people.
  • They suffer from tinnitus or buzzing in their ears.
  • They find it difficult to identify the direction from which a sound comes.

If you are confronted with one of the above situations in your daily life then you are very likely to be suffering from hearing loss. Contact akouson’s team to find out what you should do next.