Helpful Tips

How to facilitate communication with a hearing aid user

The following steps can make communication easier when interacting with people who have difficulty in hearing or are still adapting to a new hearing aid.

Help them read your lips

  • Ensure that the hearing aid user has your full attention before you start talking
  • Look directly at the person you are talking to and don’t try talking to them from a different room or with your back turned
  • Stand in a well-lit area to help them read your lips and expressions more easily
  • Avoid activities that make it difficult to read lips such as chewing, smoking, reading a newspaper or cupping your cheeks with your hands while you are talking

Speak at a normal pace and level

  • Most hearing aids are built to enhance speech at a normal level, so if you yell it may be too loud for your interlocutor
  • Try not to talk too fast. Speak naturally, trying to pronounce your words clearly. This will unavoidably slow your speech so be careful not to overdo it

Try to reduce background noise

  • Noisy environments pose the greatest difficulty for those suffering from hearing loss. Try to reduce background noise when holding a conversation: Turn off any TV, radio or any open windows to reduce external interference
  • Stay close to your interlocutor so that your voice is louder than background noise. Your face and lips will be read more easily
  • Find a quiet place to talk. This will help the situation and also protect your hearing