Communication Skills During Infancy

What are the indications of healthy hearing in infants?

An infant with normal hearing should be able to do the following:

Around the age of 2 months

  • Be scared by loud sounds
  • Becalmed by familiar voices
  • Make exclamations such as “oh”

Around the age of 4 months

  • Try to locate the source of sounds
  • Begin to “chatter”
  • Begin screaming and chuckling

Around the age of 6 months

  • Turn the head towards loud sounds
  • Begin to mimic the sound of speech
  • Say words like “ma-ma”

Around the age of 9 months

  • Mimic the sound of other people’s speech
  • Understand “no” and “hi”
  • Turn the head towards soft sounds

Around the age of one

  • Use the words Mom or Dad correctly
  • Offer its toys when asked to do so
  • Respond to songs and music