Travelling by airplane

Useful tips for a more comfortable trip

Can my child travel with Glue Ear?

If your child suffers from secretory otitis media, you should discuss with your otolaryngologist if there is any reason why you should postpone the journey. If the middle ear is full of fluid during the flight, it is difficult to perceive the changes in pressure. If your child’s inner ear is clean or almost clean, your child must follow akouson’s instructions, especially during landing.

Can my child travel with a Ventilation tube?

If your child has been fitted with a ventilation tube, as long as it is open, there will be no problem for its ear. This is because the tube functions in the same way as the perforation of the tympanic membrane.

Can I help my baby feel more comfortable during the flight?

Babies and young children may, in particular, experience some discomfort during landing. An option is providing them with a beverage to drink during the flight. This is a good way to keep the Eustachian tube open.