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Zinc Air Mercury – Free p312


Type No: 24607
Voltage (V): 1.45
Electrochemical system: Zinc Air
Typical capacity (mAh): 170*
Diameter (mm): 7.9
Height (mm): 3.6
Weight (g): 0.58

*1000 Ohms 12h/day to 0.9V at 20°C / 55% r.h.


Zinc air batteries have an especially high energy density and exhibit an almost flat drain curve. They are therefore the ideal power supply, especially for today´s digital hearing aids.
The air holes of the battery are initially sealed with a protective tab. They are kept in this way, in an “inactive state”, until they are needed. The inherent self-drain of zinc air batteries with a protective tab attached amounts to a mere 3% a year. The film is removed when the battery is inserted into the hearing aid. After several seconds of activation time, the battery begins to produce current.
In the activated state (with protective tab removed), zinc air batteries can only be stored for a limited period and should be used as quickly as possible.

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