Your hearing aids can help enhance watching movies

Your hearing aids can help enhance watching movies

Were you aware that you can enjoy better hearing at the movie theater courtesy of your hearing aids? That’s right! There is a system inside most hearing aids that “talks to” a built-in system in the theater. It’s as if you are hearing the theater’s sound system inside your ears — with no delay, no interference, and no background noise.

How is this possible? Through a technology known as a telecoil or t-coil. A telecoil is a tiny spring-like device built into many hearing aids — like Starkey’s new Muse iQ Rechargeable — that uses magnets to communicate with other devices, such as telephones, assistive listening devices and sound systems that are built into “looped” public places.

A “looped” public place is one in which a magnetic wire is built into the walls or under the carpet. Common places that are looped are schools, movie theaters and houses of worship. To find out if the place you’re in is looped, ask someone in charge or look for this universal sign.

Turn hearing aids to “T-coil” and enjoy

When hearing aids are switched to the t-coil setting the telecoil (magnet) in the hearing aids will detect the loop (magnet) in the building and begin to communicate with each other. The result is that you, the hearing aid wearer, can enjoy the theater through your hearing aids like never before! ENJOY!


Source: https://www.starkey.com/blog/2018/04/Watching-movies-with-hearing-loss#.WsOh2Xh8uVM.facebook